Manufacturers Partners


U.S Gauge – Pressure Gauges: General Equipment, Liquid Filled, Test, Hydraulic, Receiver, Panel Mount, Steam & OEM Designs
M&G – Diaphragm Seals: NPT, Flanged, Socket Weld, Flow-thru & Sanitary Connections.
Jofra – Dry block Temperature Calibrators NIST Traceable.
PMT – Controllers & Transmitters with Pneumatic Output. Submersible Level Transmitters. SS Pressure Transmitters & Transducers.
TCI – Hydraulic & Pneumatic Deadweight Testers. Digital Pressure & Temperature Calibrators. Tachometers & Stroboscopes.
Chatillon – Force & Torque Gauges Universal Test Stands & Fixturing.


Smart Transmitters for Temperature and Pressure (Differential, Absolute & Gauge). HART communications. Valve manifolds.

B & B Electronics

Ethernet serial servers and gateways. Ethernet switches, routers, and extenders. Ethernet media converters. Serial connectivity. Wireless and cellular. USB Connectivity. Remote I/O. Telematics & MRM Solutions.


Pressure & Temperature Switches & Transducers. Digital Indicating Switch/Transmitters. Hydraulic Directional Control Valves. Level & Tank Gauging.

Genuine Bindicator

Level Controls for Dry Products & Liquids. Point Level: Roto, Tuning Fork, RF/Capacitance. Continuous: YoYo, Capacitance, Ultrasonic, Phase Tracker & Load Cells. Flo-Guard: Flow/No Flow of Solids.


Low Pressure Gauges, Switches & Transmitters. Level & Temperature Control. Flowmeters. Control Valves.

Edge Tech

Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometers. Handheld %RH & Dew Point Hygrometers. Humidity/Temperature Calibration Chambers. Temperature & Relative Humidity Transmitters.


I/P Converters: Explosion-proof, Intrinsically Safe & DIN Rail Mount. Precision Pneumatic Regulators (Pressure, Vacuum, Back Pressure). Volume Boosters.


Primary Flow Elements: Orifice Plates (Paddle & Universal), Venturis, Flow Nozzles & Meter Tubes. Orifice Flange Unions. Flow Sizing Calculations. Straightening Vanes. Strainers.

McDaniel Controls

SS Pressure Gauges: from 1.6″ WC to 60,000 PSI. Liquid Filled, Test & Differential. Indicating Switches.

Moisture Register

Moisture Analyzer for Powders, Solids, Paper & Food. Laboratory Moisture Computer. Portable Meters.

Monarch Instrument

Paperless Recorders: Color Touch Screens, Removable Data Storage. Data Acquisition, Monitoring & Control via Ethernet. Data Loggers. Tachmeters. Stroboscopes.

Niagara Meters

Target Flowmeters for Gas, Liquid & Steam. Field Calibration. 10:1 Flow Ratio. 0.5% of Rate Accuracy.

Phoenix Contact

DIN Rail Universal Screw & Cage Terminal Blocks: Fuse, Relay, Disconnect & component. Isolated Signal Conditioners. Power Supplies. Trab Tech Over-Voltage & Surge Protection Devices. Wireless Transceivers for Analog & Digital I/O PLC’s & MODBUS.

Pyromation, Inc.

Thermocouples. RTD’s. Elements & Complete Assemblies. Thermowells. HART Transmitters. Thermocouple.


Bimetallic SS Thermometers. Remote Thermometers. Thermowells: NPT, Flanged, Socket-Weld & Sanitary.

Weber Captor

Calorimetric Measurement of Liquid & Air Flows. CoolGuard for Coolant Protection. Hot Metal Detectors.